Viewing Yogyakarta through Billboard Media

This article deals with the relationship between globalization and localization in the specific cultural context of Java. As other cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has experienced tremendous changes in various aspects. Billboard media in the city has been studied as a way to look at how global ideas transform into local context and what meaning globalization, explained through billboard media, has. There are three interesting points that can be found in the study. First, there is a tendency of commodity-sign to emerge in society, in which the marketing process is closely
connected to symbolic codes rooted in traditional forms of language and communication. Secondly, billboard media demonstrates the process of transformation in the formation of aesthetics. The aesthetics gradually tend to replace
ethics in the process of social measurement and judgement. Thirdly, a strong orientation towards modernity does not only explain the stage of life cycle of society, but also the perspective of that society in looking at the rest of the world. This article concludes that billboard media states various dimension of locality, not only globality, as traditional symbols, domains, and heroes are still presented, forming an inescapable part of presentation and representation.
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